Naughty Knot Unwrap Me Sexy Body Bow


Naughty Knot Unwrap Me Sexy Body Bow


Make a present of yourself with this clever satin-feel sash! Designed to turn you into a perfectly wrapped gift, The Naughty Knot is fully adjustable and opens easily with just one tug. With gently reinforced tips, achieving a flawless bow is effortless.
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  • Wonderfully soft and luxurious satin-feel sash that ties into a knot to cover your intimate spots
  • Suitable for anyone between 5′ – 5′ 9″ tall
  • Fits from a AA – DD cup
  • Made from silky soft satin-feel blend material
  • Machine washable on a low temperature, and iron friendly on a low heat
  • Perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries
  • Versatile – experiment with different tying styles!
  • Wear again and again!